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2016 update
  iop, Aug 08 2016

Thought I might give an update on 2016, since it’s been a while since I wrote something or updated my blog. Looking back it’s almost been 10 years since I wrote my first blog post here, and looking back at the past 10 years there have been a lot of up and downs.

So far this year I’ve managed to:

- Win a weight loss bet (6 friends had a bet starting the 9th of January until the 25th of March. Each of us were supposed to lose 10% of our starting weight).
- Lost almost 40 pounds since January, and am probably in my best shape of my life since being in the army.
- Started running, never thought I’d be a “runner.” But I’ve been running fairly consistently since March. Anywhere from 5km to 10km. I’ve managed to get my 5k down to 22-23mins, which I’m super happy about.
- I quit snus (Swedish tobacco).
- DJed at a bar for the first time.
- Went to my first 3 Michelin star restaurant (in Chicago).
- I’m a fairly stable 19-20hcp golf player and I’m on track to getting down to 17-18 before the end of the year.
- Be a toastmaster at my best friends wedding, with 100+ guests by myself.
- Go through the most stressful period in my life. I was a wreck, but managed to stay a float and come out on top.
- Organized a crazy bachelor party in Amsterdam.
- Beat my walking record by walking 56,718 steps or 44.2km in a day.
- Went to Chicago for my summer vacation and went to 3 concerts and a music festival.
- Travelled to Barcelona and had dinner at one of Ferran Adrias cooks 1 star restaurant.
- Deep in an MTT ($22 Mini Sunday Million, $100K) 24/8445. Super happy about the way I played and lost an important flip:

Other than that, got some more stock options at my current employer and now all my stock are worth quite a lot of money. On the topic on money, I've been spending far too much lately and need to take it easy. It's also funny, I have these periods every two years where "when it rains, it pours" and everything goes to shit. Hoping for a nice upswing now.

Started the year at 23.2 hcp, and managed to lower my handicap every round for the first 4 rounds.

Played at one of Sweden's best golf clubs: Ullna GK

Summer came to Sweden and we took a friends boat and ate dinner in the archipelago

Went to Chicago with a friend and had dinner at Grace. (There is a documentary on Netflix about the 3 star restaurant called "For Grace").

Also beat the high score at an arcade

Ate Chicagos's best burger (at a place called Small Cheval). It was amazing.

Went to Lollapalooza and saw: MØ, Foals, Miike Snow, M83 and Radiohead

Run good LP

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2015 came to an end
  iop, Jan 17 2016

2015 finally came to an end. I'm pretty happy with 2015 all in all, actually the more I think about it - 2015 was a pretty awesome year. Now, with that being said some bullets for 2015:

- Relationship with ex girlfriend ended. She was the devil in disguise.
- Went on a bunch of the dates with a bunch of good looking girls.
- Turned 30.
- Friends getting married or getting children.
- Got a new job title.
- Our company got a $10M investment.
- Bought a gym card, started working out.
- Played a bunch of golf, did not get to a stable 20 hcp. But just above that.
- New wonderful girlfriend

Anyways, even though I became single again, I wasn't too sad, because she was a true devil. I started to explore the dating market, and it exploded. Something happened to me once I turned 30. This period in my life will go down as one of the more fun and crazy periods of my life.

Work has been interesting as well. We secured a $10M investment last year, and my core job (growth) is to make sure we start growing exponentially. On the work topic, a recruiter contacted me just before Christmas from one of the hottest startups (valued at $40B+) in the world with regards to a Marketing lead position for Sweden. I'm pretty content where I'm at, but obviously curious.

Dating, well in a relationship again. The crazy part about this is, that this is my best friends future wife's sister. The future wife is an old friend of mine (we went to the same boarding school), I actually introduced the two of them to each other. Now, I'm dating her sister, and our paths never really crossed before this past fall, even though I knew who she was, and she knew who I was.

Going down to Malmö next weekend to visit her and DJ at a bar for the first time, and tomorrow (given that I'm still not sick) I'll be going to the train MMA for the first time in my life. A few friends and I have a weight loss prop bet which I really don't want to lose.

Pictures for the second half of 2015

Summer came to an end

End of the summer party back in my home town

Obviously had to travel to Paris to see Ibrahimovic play Malmö

Malmö supporters in Paris

Invited some colleagues over for dinner

December in Stockholm (this is the road I bike to work)

Best cilantro mango margarita in town

Yearly traditional christmas dinner

But instead of staying in Sweden, one of my best friend's

and I left for Florida

And played A LOT of golf

Had a bunch of friends visiting, this guy is a 1hcper

Ended up visiting friends

also went for a walk in Wynwood

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Sports bet brag
  iop, Aug 05 2015

Just managed to luck box a sports bet. I guess I've used up my luck for the remainder of this year.

TLDR = Bet ~$5 turned into ~$5,000

LOL - Sweden's biggest newspaper even wrote an article about it.

The bet

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